Yuletide Tales: A Festive Collective (The Indie Collaboration Presents) (Volume 2)

A diverse collection of stories showcasing some of the best indie authors on the market. Filled with heart-warming romance, mysterious humor, sinister, supernatural thrills and tearful sorrow, this anthology has something for everyone. So snuggle up with a warm glass of mulled wine and join us for the festivities, while we lift your spirit, tickle your fancy and rattle your bones.

Contributing Authors: Madhu Kalyan Mattaparthi, Sheryl Seal, Alan Hardy, William O'Brien, Sonya C. Dodd, Chris Raven, D.C Rogers, Peter John, Jim Murdoch, Greatest Poet Alive, Kristina Blasen, Shemeka Mitchell, Carolyn Bennett .


The Story Behind This Book
The Indie Collaboration grew out of a group of like-minded independent authors. Together, we decided to show the world how great works of fiction can be created without the involvement of any large publishing companies; creating a direct channel between ourselves and our readers is of the utmost importance to us. Each author has freely donated their time and work and are committed to the Indie Collaboration's cause of: Offering the best of indie authors in bite size pieces for free. We hope you enjoy our books


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Peter John
Peter John was born in Bromley Kent, England in 1973. He gained an interest in creative writing at the age of 14 and was published during the 1990’s in several poetry anthologies More...
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