Goodbye from the Edge of Never
Publisher : Falkor Publishing

Goodbye from the Edge of Never takes place in future dystopian California, where the rise of zombies have meant the fall of civilization. Mankind hides in enclaves to avoid being killed or worse...being turned. Donathan, Mason, and Ashley choose a much different path, rushing out into the world to chase the sins of their past. When death comes after you, clacking it's teeth and hissing from the shadows, sometimes it's better to laugh, dance, and throw paint.

The Story Behind This Book
After suffering a traumatic brain injury in the military, he became obsessed with zombies and horror and now works to bring his darkness into the world in a fun and constructive way.

Praise and Reviews

This isn't just your typical "doom and gloom. the world has ended. we're all going to die." post-apocalyptic zombie horror. It's got a ton of action, adventure, and most of all it has heart. You get to know the heroes, as you travel with them on their adventures. It's a fun read.

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Steven Mix
Steven Mix is a 35 year old native Californian. During his lifetime he has worked with the autistic community for a non profit organization, was a paratrooper in the U.S. Army and  More...