How to Convert Your Published Book into an Audio Book (Author Chat Guide)
Publisher : Spoken Word Press Publishing

According to Publishers Weekly, in 2009 over 100,000 books were published however, only 5,000 of those books were also available as audiobooks. Reach more readers and increase your income by publishing your book as an audio book! Millions of readers actually listen to books on CD and now digital downloads every day and now you can turn your self published title into an audio book and expand your market and increase your income. In this step by step guide, I'll teach you how to: 1) Find your book on Amazon and show you how to set your book up for conversion. 2) Produce your audiobook with no out of pocket expense. 3) Audition professional narrators for your books. 4) Sell your book on Apple's iTunes store and

The Story Behind This Book
As an independent publisher, fans of my Invisible Enemies Series were interested in purchasing the book in audio format. At the time this was not in my budget, however, I did my research and found out that there was a way to make my books in to audio books and go over my publishing budget.

Praise and Reviews

I am in the process of turning my ebook into an audio book thanks to the tips here. It is recommended.


Lynda Brown
Lynda D. Brown lives in St. Louis MO. She has one son and a three year old grandson, who enjoys beating her in pool, baseball and Wii games. This is her second book in the Invisi More...
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