Desdemona is back! And ready to change the world. To protect the Royal Family and their friends, Grifflestump Elder transports them back to Decatur, Georgia. Those who have never lived there have a little trouble adjusting. Especially when Desdemona sends a harrock to retrieve the Princess and Ravenheart’s spell book. Desdemona is out for more than just the Princess and the spell book. She also wants to acquire the newly-hatched dragons. But when she gets her hands on the golden Sword of Tilk everyone learns there is more to the Sword than a simple curse. With the Sword in Desdemona’s hands, she has the power to destroy not only the Tilk Realm, but all the worlds beyond it.


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Pen White
Bitten by the writing bug at the age of ten, Pen is an avid reader in addition to being a prolific writer. A native Georgian she lived in Hollywood, California for a year and a hal More...
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