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Sebastiana Randone
Author of The House, an adult fairy tale, paranormal adventure set and written in Regency era. I live in Melbourne, Australia and come from a dance background. Having always been an avid reader, with a penchant for novels written in the 19th century, it naturally followed that I would se More...



The House is an adult fairy tale rich in mystery and intrigue.
Here is a tale of a woman so absorbed with historical novels that her own reality ceases to offer any hope of romance and beauty.
Until one day this dreamy idealist finds herself in a mysterious forest. How she arrived there is unknown. Soon she encounters a dilapidated house, within whose ancient walls magical rooms that transport to parallel worlds lie in wait.  There she is transmigrated to 18th century England, where our heroine interacts with an odd mix of characters whose dysfunctional lives become immediately apparent.
Her first tribulation involves a nefarious lord, an archetype of the monstrous characters one encounters in fairy tales. The ramification from this confrontation sets the tone for the narrative.
A magic portal finally enables escape from the austere Georgian dwelling. She is then spirited back to the enigmatic house and a journey to Regency London follows, where a large cast of eccentric identities present themselves.
Late one night, following a long stay in Florence, a young, heart-broken poet arrives. His introduction to the beautiful time traveller offers promise of restoration and love. But there are several more obstacles ahead before her destiny in this curious adventure is made apparent.
In the end an unexpected twist is revealed. But like all good fairy tales, this surprising conclusion is pleasing, even though the means of getting there are dark, and at times sinister.

A timeworn house confronts a reluctant visitor, who has been placed mysteriously in an ancient wood. Sheltering in the house, she enters a room that transports her to a Georgian Estate in England, where a dramatic encounter with a belligerent lord, sets the tone for the narrative. Managing to escape through another magic portal, she suddenly finds herself in Regency era London. Here amongst a household of unusual characters she remains, before an extraordinary blood connection is established. As the eccentric cast act out their complex lives, her role switches to that of an observer. Having lived on a diet of historical fiction, prior to this adventure, her romantic idealism is challenged by all she sees and experiences. One day a handsome poet arrives and is immediately drawn to the beautiful time traveller. A surprising end lays in wait, with hidden truths, buried within the mysterious house.

I loved the Structure of this novel. It had a good story line with well developed characters. Sebastiana has the gift to write History novels, she could be a second Jane Austen, that type of writer.
The jumping through different times was done well. I was never lost. I loved how every person she met actually fitted into her life. I think people that love history novels, time traveling with a dash of romance, will love The House. I rate the house a four. I liked it. Adrienne Woods(edited)

5 stars Great Book
Great Story, the book really draws you into the mystery. The author has a real talent in the way she engages the reader in the story. Looking forward to her next book.  Michelle


It isn't easy to seamlessly blend so many genres into one book, but Ms. Randone makes it look effortless. The mystery and romance were so tightly woven together that every scene that propelled one of these storylines forward also added depth to the other.The House restores the magic of fairy tales for adults. This is as good of a choice for anyone who adored these type of stories as a child as it is for newcomers to the genre.
Long and Short Reviews (edited)



4.0 out of 5 stars wonderful quick read J. Reason (UK)

I finished it in only one sitting as it is not all that long, only 150 pages and it kept me engaged and I loved it. It is a little different from the books I would normally read but I am really glad to have read it. (edited)


4.0 out of 5 stars A unique and entertaining read By Linda

For lovers of historical romance with a paranormal twist, I highly recommend this book.  If you like stories about true-love (as obviously I do), but without all the formulaic seductive savagery and romantic clichés, then you might well enjoy it too.(edited)


4.0 out of 5 Stars Nice book! By Bret

If you like fairy tales, romance and sci fi then this is a must read because it is a blend of all three whilst being quite intriguing at the same time as Sebastiana leaves us guessing as to what might happen next all of the time. I've had a bit of a break from reading but this book has renewed my love of reading again. Enjoy!