Welcome all who have sought to learn more of this first book of three.  CHURN Book I of III, is the first installment of a multilayered work in dark suspence fiction.  Skip with me to the playground as we unveil the very works that will make you laugh, cry and stay awake at night reaching for your lamp light. Granted, this is not a YA read, or a classical horror read; no vampires or silly warewolves here.   Yes my dear advocates, pack your clip and say your good-byes, it's a long trip down the rabbit hole.  What lies ahead of you is dark and unforgiving.  :)

The Story Behind This Book
It came to me in a dream. For a full synopsis and excerpt, please visit Thank you.

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J. Austin Gentry
Author Bio: J. Austin Gentry, Author of the CHURN series and is currently in the throws of CHURN Book II.  He happily resides in the NE hills of PA, USA.  FOR UPDATES - More...