The White Wolf: The Hawks: Book Three (Volume 3)
Publisher : Macfay Books

In the blink of an eye, Venadis shifted into a white wolf-beast, just as she had when Torger captured her and placed the iron collar around her neck. However, this time she was not six years old. This time, she had the strength of a full-grown wolf.

Born into slavery, Venadis dreams of freedom. When Wout pays the Nairt’kun to invade Abbarkon, she seizes the opportunity to escape.

Her healing powers impress The Hawks, and she joins Flint and Fleta on a mission to Cheveralia.

Everything about her seems good until Martokallu uses his influence to twist her to his will.

The Story Behind This Book
Paula Baker and Aidan Davies are the mother and son creators of the World of Abbarkon. They work together to write The Hawks--a middle grades fantasy trilogy.


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