Easy Everyday Shakes: 20 Freshly Blended Smoothies and Juices for Instant Energy and Health

With some 20 fruit, vegetable and meal replacement shake recipes inclusive of vitamins, antioxidants and cleansing, this innovative shake guide illustrates the beauty of natural smoothies, as well as, the potential health benefits of the key ingredients. This shake guide not only caters to the health-conscious connoisseur, but also to the novice reader as well. An ingenious glossary arrangement classes the key ingredients, health benefits and nutritional values. In Addition, a helpful suggestion system was included to enhance the awareness and effectiveness of the included ingredients.

Respectively each shake recipe was created to give an individual an assortment of juices for palate, well-being, energy, restoration and endurance.

Recipes Include:

Dew the Ripe Thing
The Breakfast Club
Mean Green
Red October
Cafe de Leche
Kid's Choice
Sweet Potato Pie
Ppalli Ppalli (Hurry Hurry)
Moment of Clarity
Apple Crisp
Beet Camp
Cali Twist
Cest La Vie
The Bow Tie


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