The Miraculous Millionaire: A Sensible Approach To Financial Freedom
Publisher : ShakeScene Press

Until now, no book on personal finance has systematically and completely shown the average or ordinary individual how to get rich quickly without risks. No book has been written by one of us and from our perspective. Washington or New York mass media elite do not understand the struggle to make ends meet. The Miraculous Millionaire, therefore, is here to fill a large void.


The Story Behind This Book
In teaching myself personal finance, I had gathered much information I wanted to share with the general public. I wanted any person who is serious about financial success to learn from my experience.

Praise and Reviews

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Prince Ojong
I am the author of The Miraculous Millionaire, a new manual or success guide on do-it-yourself personal finance. I am an African immigrant from Cameroon. I had an American Dream wh More...
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