Celebrity Surrogate (Hollywood Lives)

General Fiction

By Dawn Jasper

Publisher : Pink Kiss Publishing

Celebrity Surrogate (Hollywood Lives)

ABOUT Dawn Jasper

Dawn Jasper
Dawn Jasper is from Rembert, SC. After years of having writing as a hobby, she debuted her first novel "Beautiful Disasters" July 2011. She resides in Maryland with her family and is currently working on the "Hollywood Lives" series.



Most little girls don’t dream of being a surrogate mother when they grow up, especially not for celebrities. Seriously, how does one even become a surrogate mother for celebrities when they want to be kept a secret? It’s not like they advertise on Craigslist. This is the story of the surrogate who gave birth to one of the most famous babies in the world. She signed confidentiality paperwork never to tell her story, but some secrets are just better off shared…