Designer Babies (Hollywood Lives)

Designer Babies (Hollywood Lives)

ABOUT Dawn Jasper

Dawn Jasper
Dawn Jasper is from Rembert, SC. After years of having writing as a hobby, she debuted her first novel "Beautiful Disasters" July 2011. She resides in Maryland with her family and is currently working on the "Hollywood Lives" series.



Book 1 in the Hollywood Lives Series!

Welcome to Circle of Life Birthing Center. We are with you from beginning to end to assist in all your pregnancy needs. From conception to birth to fighting the baby body blues we are here for you. By any means, we’ll have you so comfortable you’ll feel like you never even gave birth.
Hayden Jacobs thinks she has the job of a lifetime and when her favorite singer gets pregnant she is over the moon. Only when rumors begin to fly do things get hairy at COLBC. Something suspicious is going on at the center and Hayden, along with her best friend Kelli, is determined to get to the bottom of it. The question is what price is she will to pay for the truth? The price is always higher in Hollywood Lives.