The Deadly Rose, An Assassin's Tale (La Rose) (Volume 1)

Pierre-André François is handsome, intelligent, and the greatest soccer player in Haitian history. He also has a well-kept secret; he is an assassin. In fact, Pierre-André François is the vile and feared Haitian assassin known as The Little Rose. Like a skilled painter, he kills with style and finesse, bringing death in broad purposeful strokes and sweeps of red. Signing each piece of work with a fragrant red rose.

The Story Behind This Book
In 2001, after returning home from a funeral in Haiti, I had a surreal experience of being a stranger in a place that I had fond memories of. My desire to learn about my history was strong. Collecting several reading material and searching the web, I was in shock of what I found. Haitians history is exciting, dynamic and unique. All the information I learned started to spawned stories in my mind; stories about family, love, revenge, and despair. The Deadly Rose, An Assassin’s Tale is a story about love and the despair over lost love ones; these are the stories encapsulated in this historical thriller.

Author Interviews


Life for J.M. Lominy began in Port-au-Prince, Haiti where he spent his first years with his maternal Aunt and Uncle. ​ At the age of seven, Lominy and his older sister immigrat More...