Nannerl's Symphony

Drinking herself into a stupor to avoid her horrible nightmares is the only way Julie Conway can face life...until she hears about “The Hammer.”

NANNERL'S SYMPHONY is an unusually chilling and thought-provoking psychological thriller that takes the reader into the tormented soul of an Atlanta assistant district attorney in her quest to solve a series of gruesome murders.

The brutal manner in which a series of gifted young schoolboys are executed earns the killer the label “The Hammer.” Chasing a lead that thrusts her into the middle of a frightening international arms conspiracy involving Russia, ADA Julie Conway finds her life is endangered.

How can the music of legendary composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart help her? Can she prevent one more terrible murder as she races against time to the shocking conclusion of this powerful story?


Paul Damien
Paul Damien is an international crime thriller author. He was born in India and earned a PhD in Mathematics from Imperial College, London. He began his academic and writing career More...