Laugh Out Loud! Pregnancy
Publisher : Sharon Irish Publishing

Laugh Out Loud! Pregnancy is a collection of real life funny stories told by real pregnant Women.

Being pregnant can be wonderful, but it can also be frustrating, embarrassing, and sometimes even humiliating to be a pregnant Woman, especially in certain situations!

This book is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud, or at least have a giggle at other unfortunate Ladies.

The book is split up into sections:-
Pregnancy/Baby Brain and Hormones
Pregnancy Accidents and Mishaps
Midwives and Doctor's Appointments
Fathers to be
Pregnancy and Young Children

Each section is filled with hilarious accounts of Mothers to be and their funny moments, it is the first in a series of books dedicated to recording these side-splitting events.

I hope reading this book is as much fun as it was to produce it!

The Story Behind This Book
When I was pregnant, with my first child I read books about pregnancy which were informative, but didn't really prepare me for the situations I sometimes found myself in. After experiencing some embarrassing mishaps because of my bump and hearing a few funny stories from other Mothers to be, I was left wanting more. I knew from my own experience that Women can feel down at times during pregnancy, and I can honestly say that laughing at the scrapes other pregnant ladies got themselves into helped improve my mood and make light of my own. I looked around for books with these types of funny moments but couldn't find any, so I decided to compile some myself and the Laugh Out Loud series was born.


Sharon Irish
I am a self published Author of an eBook series called 'Laugh Out Loud' which is a collection of true life funny moments taken from family life. I have been a keen fiction writer  More...
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