Let's Help EachOther: *Can You Relate To These Stories*
Publisher : createspace.com

Let's help each other is about aids, rape, suicuide, hiv, depression, pain of betrayal...i'm trying to reach out to the kids and one who may need help and trust me i'm not done yet.i take you deeply into personal feelings, and emotions as your reading this novel you can actually picture what I've seen and dealt with.

The Story Behind This Book
this book came about from personal experiences and different things I've seen. thanks to my husband I was able to complete because it was hard honestly, but I want to be the voice to speak up for people who feel they can't speak for themselves.


Lakyshia Shelton
I'm a upcoming Author and mother of two loving boys. I'm from a little town called Clewiston Fl and I'm trying to spread the word about my work. Www.facebook.com/authorhubert Lakys More...