When Mommy Became An Angel

ABOUT Dr. Judi Cinéas, LCSW

Dr. Judi Cinéas, LCSW
Dr. Judi Cinéas is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing psychotherapy in Palm Beach, FL. She is the founder of Living The Dream, Inc., a Florida-based counseling and consulting firm. Her coaching services include individual and family counseling to help clients overcome obstacles a More...



The book is a short story written from a child’s voice. The primary purpose of the book was to help a young child understand the death of her mother. A secondary intent of the book was to tell her that she was not alone in what she was going though. According to her father, both these goals were met. Others who have used the book with their children report the same.

In 2011 one of my cousins passed away after a long battle. I wrote this book as a way help her young daughter understand what was going on, while making her feel that she was not the only one going through this. The story is told in the voice of a young child who is sharing with another (the reader) how her mom became an angel and how she still had a loving family and doing well. When her dad started reading this book to her, it soon became a favorite because it was something she could relate to. This book was not originally intended for publication, but after 2 years I have decided to make it available. Unfortunately this book is only available in electronic format at this time. If you are looking to purchase this book for a child you know, please allow me to extend my condolences to you and the family. Judi Cinéas

As of today this book has only been read by a select few family, friends and friends of friends. The report is that children loved the book and it fulfilled the intended purppose.