Lady Alene and the Widower (Shorts-off #)

Explore the first Shorts-off sexcapades... taboos...exploring the darker side of love...

Lady Alene, a professional companion, comforts a disparaging widower who tries to conquer his urges with someone who won't contend with his dead wife. Lucky for him, Lady Alene knows what a man needs and bares all for her client's recovery.

˃˃˃ "It was fantastic. It was also a little bit sad. But I felt like I was there and I could see everything very vividly."

"She was also a likable character. And after not having a woman for so long and his circumstances surrounding his wife, it's important that she was a likable character and that we could as the reader invision him with her."

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Stephanie McKibben
Slave to a 100 lbs. GSD (German Shepard) and a computer she calls "Dave", you'll often see her riding a 19 hand Shire nicknamed "Gunny" to the local coffee shop More...