ABOUT Kristen Stone

Kristen Stone
Kristen Stone was born in London, England, in 1951 – a city still suffering from the effects of the war. The youngest of three surviving children she was pampered and cossetted, kept well away from the Big Bad World. When told at school by someone who had never read anything she had wri More...


They say ‘love is blind’ but for David it was deaf. That was until he met Sara who accepted him for person he was.
We follow David through his uncertain childhood where he was happier at school than at home, while Sara deals with her own problems, the unwelcomed attentions of a colleague. Sara escapes every weekend to the animal sanctuary run by her Aunt and Uncle, helped by David. They work together and gradually form a binding relationship.
Once again Ms Stone takes us into the lives of people who do not sit easily in the ‘normal’ world and brings us through their trauma with a feeling of hope for the future.