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Margaret Marr
What I wouldn't do to return to childhood one more time and experience fishing from the bank as a little girl, especially in the dark. I'm country to the core. I fish, camp, swim in the lake, eat from a garden, drive a pickup truck, work outside, live in jeans and T More...



In the quiet town of Walnut Grove, something evil lurks within the occupants' minds. Only those dwelling twenty feet below Hattie's Bar and Grill are safe from the malevolent "holy water" handed out during Sunday church service. On the outside, the townsfolk are clean and friendly, but beneath the surface evil creeps toward an explosive and destructive end.

Ex-preacher Kirk David has come back to face his past and put to rest any lingering hope his sister might still be found after disappearing ten years ago. Once he arrives, he realizes God has sent him back for a more pressing reason. He must help a Cherokee Indian, Tom, find a stream blessed by an unknown prophet before a false preacher destroys the town.

Lenora Elayne dreams of a savior who comes on wings and thunder to help her save Walnut Grove from an evil man bent on destroying her precious town. God has given her charge over a pregnant teenager whose child will do great things in His name. All Lenora really wants to do is convince people that God loves them no matter what their sin, but her faith is shaky, and she fears she'll fail with the heavy burden placed upon her shoulders.

Together Kirk and Lenora find love and a renewed faith in God while trying to unravel seemingly unrelated events rushing toward a battle between darkness and light.

Former preacher Kirk David rides back into his hometown of Walnut Grove after a protracted absence. When he enters the church in which he grew up, he is immediately confronted with the face of evil incarnate sitting beside the pulpit. Unprepared to face the devil in such an unexpected place, he exits, heading to a local bar where he finds less room for evil to flourish than in the church. He also finds a young woman working there, Lenora, who helps him learn the truth about Walnut Grove. Since the advent of the new preacher, evil has pervaded the hamlet, and it's up to Kirk and Lenora to stop it. Somehow, they must break the mind and spiritual control the Devil has on almost everyone who lives there. Kirk thought his calling had ended, but now he will need all the gifts God has given him more than ever.

*** Though knowing a bit more of the backstory would have been interesting, nonetheless, this simple, yet profound story has a very true message. Christians who enjoyed the X - Files will surely enjoy this, for there are some similiar points of comparison. ***

Amanda Killgore