The Ghosts of Daemon Yarborough

Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Margaret Marr

Publisher : PublishAmerica

ABOUT Margaret Marr

Margaret Marr
What I wouldn't do to return to childhood one more time and experience fishing from the bank as a little girl, especially in the dark. I'm country to the core. I fish, camp, swim in the lake, eat from a garden, drive a pickup truck, work outside, live in jeans and T More...


Darvie Harrison has found the house of her dreams—one right out of the Amityville Horror. No one has been able to spend more than a few nights in the old Yarborough Mansion, which is reportedly haunted by the beheaded wives of Daemon Yarborough. After her less-than-desirable marriage ended, she’s determined to make her own decisions for the rest of her life. That is if she can convince Devilan Yarborough she truly belongs in the house. No ghosts are going to run her off, either. She’s more afraid of the mysterious gardener whose only explanation as to why he’s there is he came with the house.

Devilan Yarborough has spent his life as an outcast, because of his great-grandfather’s murderous past. When Darvie arrived, determined to own the mansion, he was glad to get rid of it…at first. Then he found himself trying to talk her out of buying the house and wanting to protect her. But from whom or what? The ghosts of Daemon Yarborough? The gardener? Or a copycat killer who murders innocent women on dark, foggy nights, beheading them Henry VIII style—the same crime for which his great-grandfather was hung over a century ago?