The Nature of Bastard When A Son Forfeits His Inheritance!

In the past, children born outside of marriage have carried a stigma of illegitimacy as they were not raised by both a father and a mother. The stigma of being a bastard or (an offspring without a parent) has caused many children to feel unworthy, unwanted, and undeserving of real undaunted love. This same pattern has spilled over into the churches. The leaders in the churches have abandoned the thought of the welfare of their spiritual children to seek after fame, wealth and notoriety. In some cases, sons have done the same. Within this book, Dr. Grimble uses the natural aspects of “sonship” to explain the spiritual. He explains how lack of such an understanding of true fatherhood, “sonship”, and proper spiritual alignment can be a stumbling block for The Church.


Kenneth Grimble
Kenneth D. Grimble serves as Metropolitan Archbishop to Showers of Blessing Cathedral of Praise and Lead Apostle to International Covenant Communion of Kingdom Heirs, Inc.
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