Reckless Intentions
Publisher : Ellechor Publishing House, LLC

Book Two in The Inner Society YA Series, Maggie begins having horrific nightmares as the trial date-and her testimony-approaches. 

After discovering the existence of an incriminating videotape and a dead District Attorney, Maggie is forced to evade her bodyguard-turned-assassin and find a way to bring down The Inner Society, this time for good! 

Joined by Tai, her new friend and computer genius, Maggie uses the cover of a severe hurricane to gather the evidence she needs to put key members of the dangerous secret society away. 

Will Maggie and Tai be able to secure the key evidence needed to destroy The Inner Society? Follow Maggie on her latest hair-raising adventure in Reckless Intentions!


Melinda Louise Bohannon
Melinda Bohannon graduated from Fresno State in 1994 with a BA in Liberal Studies and became a teacher. For many years, she worked with troubled teenagers and their families. In  More...
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