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Her life in danger, Caitlin Fitzgerald flees Ireland, taking a governess job in the top end of Australia. In this vast, arid country, populated by tough men and women, Caitlin finds more loyal friends than she ever did in Dublin. Tall Trees is a huge cattle station with a sad history.

            In her chosen safe haven, Caitlin has poisonous snakes, spiders and crocodiles to contend with. And the very handsome and moody station owner, Jake Monterey to keep her awake at night.

            She is falling in love with more than Tall Trees and Jake’s two children. Could she find more heartbreak here than in the treacherous world she left behind?

            For Caitlin, the thought of leaving Tall Trees grows harder every day. But she wrestles with her conscience. Might she unwittingly place the lives of those she loves in jeopardy?

            Like any outback woman, Caitlin learns to defend herself. If the danger she left behind in Ireland comes to claim her, she is ready.  

Praise and Reviews
WRDF Review:
I quite enjoyed When Danger Follows. Maggi Andersen paints a vivid picture of the Australian outback beauty and the isolation that is the life of these people. Caitlin is an interesting heroine and one that is easy to like, she is strong when needed yet has this vulnerability that draws you to her. While the hero Jake does not come across as a most pleasant man at the start, he grows on you as the story develops.


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