Publisher : Twisted Core Press

Destiny, though powerful is never convenient. Every second proves this as the forbidden love of Adam, a man of royal law, and Zona, the leading element of revolution fight the natural order of society and listen to the adoration flaring inside their hearts. Through the blinding weakness of love, every moment holds the choice of fate or foe. Will their love survive obligations as the battle leaves death and destruction in the path of each stolen moment? Every good man deserves a woman like Zona and every strong woman deserves a revolution. Experience the hardships of destiny in the steampunk erotic tale of Steamfate.

Praise and Reviews

"The Game of Thrones of Steampunk!" Thom- Steampunk Informant


Kat Daughtry
Author of Steampunk, Erotica and Poetry. Fan of Fantasy, Paranormal and Political Humor. Collector of Art, Antiques, Old Books and Buddha Statues. Aching Lover of the contolled Mas More...
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