Speed Needles
Publisher : Ashly Lorenzana

"Sex, Drugs & Being an Escort" gave a gritty and brutally honest glimpse into Ashly's life as a female escort and methamphetamine addict. Written in journal format with entries sometimes written weeks or even months apart, reading it was much like her life was at the time of writing it - confusing and fragmented streams of consciousness, that is.

The feeling that sets in after a week with no sleep and not a bite to eat. When the shadows begin to dance and everything grows darker as your mind begins to work against you in clever ways.

Speed Needles is a bit more intentionally written and aims to tell more of Ashly's back story than her previous journal. She goes back and does her best to explain some of the biggest events that took place in her life, leading up to where the first book began.

While the style is somewhat different, be prepared to encounter the abrupt drop offs that were found throughout "Sex, Drugs & Being an Escort." More than anything, get ready to hear her voice from a different perspective as she paints more of the picture that is her story.

Praise and Reviews

"Ultimately though, she gets readers to care about her. They become hooked in wanting to save such a troubled, but intelligent and self reflective, young woman. There is a lot of depth and unresolved issues within her."

-Reviewed by Christine Nguyen for Readers' Favorite


Ashly Lorenzana
Ashly Lorenzana was born on October 2nd, 1987 in Portland, OR where she continues to live today, with her Chihuahua mutt named Bub. With over five years of experience working as a More...
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