Something 4 You Haters

Growing up in the rough streets of South Central los Angeles, Shihe did what he had to, to survive. For surviving was hard to do in a household, where looking too much like my pops, wasn't allowed. From the beatings to the illegal drug sales, Shihe was pushing major weight, through his uncle and other sources. Sources that were relaying information of a double cross and hatred. This is a world of backstabbers and con artist, so strap up and take a journey with the best. Watch out for the bodies that begin to add up, once a failed hit is discovered by Shihe and his Little Momma. The streets wont restand neither will Shihe's trigger finger, as all hell, has already broken loose.


Robert S Womack is the CEO Of “Lady G Management”, as well as the proud author of:
“Something 4 You Haters”, “Black Rose”, “The Definition Of A B.N”, “Somet More...
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