The Mystic Path of Meditation: Beginning a Christ-Centered Journey

Explore the Christian theology that underpins meditation-and discover the practical spiritual benefits of this ancient practice. "Meditation is one of the great treasures of our Christian contemplative tradition, though largely forgotten by modern churches. In this delightful book, David Cole gently invites readers to rediscover this ancient path to deeper relationship with God. David writes with a spirit of ease and joy as he guides us through meditation with scripture, our breath, our bodies, and the natural world. This insightful and accessible book is a welcome addition to the contemplative renewal of our time." -Mark Kutolowski, OblSB, Salva Terra peace pilgrim and founder of New Creation Wilderness Programs


David Cole
I am a seeker of spiritual truth, with an open heart and open mind with roots in the Christ tradition, seeing things through hebraic, celtic and mystic eyes.