Virtual Pulp: Tales of High Adventure, Low Adventure, and Misadventure
From Medieval Europe to Reconstruction; from a post-apocalyptic future to an alien world's Dark Ages, the drums pound in adrenaline-charged unison. Strap yourself in for a wild escape from the mundane, into adventures that transcend space and time. Allan of Barnsdale pledges loyalty to a doomed knight in exchange for inspiration to craft his tale of King Arthur...never imagining they are en route to an ambush by outlaws in Sherwood Forest. Pick Garver returns to his hometown after the Civil War a hero to some, a turncoat to most, and less likely to be with his true love than when he left. Three warriors from vastly different races must battle a sorcerer, an invading armada, and each other, while desperately seeking honor in a world where treachery is the norm. Mechanic, armchair engineer and hot-dog pilot Rebble Rauser and his fellow citizens of the "Barbarian Nation" protect their sovereignty with blazing wing guns, but an old rival of Rebble's makes a surprise visit during a war in a chaotic American future. Virtual Pulp # 1 brings you new pulp-flavored tales in different genres, combining intelligent storytelling with the imaginative adventure-lust of yesteryear.


Henry Brown
I had a rather rustic upbringing--reading was often my only diversion. When unread books were scarce, I had to invent entertainment for myself. That's how the writing seed was plan More...
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