A Way Out is a memoir about a young girl from Saint Louis, Missouri; who as a child witnessed some life changing experiences. She grew up in a household where she was subjected to drug abuse, child abuse, and neglect. This soon resulted in her and her siblings being split up throughout the foster care system. In this book the author discusses the trials and tribulations encountered through her journey. A Way Out is the first book to give alternatives with a true personal story about the journey of growing up through the foster care system.

Finally, the author shows the transition through her childhood, teenage years, and as a young adult. In this book you will see how all the negative attributes contributed to a positive effect of growing up in the system. This book is the #1 guide for all youth growing up with challenging life experiences giving youth hope and alternative ways to cope with life.


Tonya Wilson
Tonya Wilson was born in 1986 in Saint Louis, Mo. She grew up in a single family home and experienced some life changing events which lead to her and her siblings being split up th More...