From This Day Forward

Finalist – The Literary Times Best Historical Romance of 1995

From This Day Forward shines! It stirred my blood and kept me on the edge of my seat! This one will take your breath away! Gloria Miller -- Literary Times

“...a fantastic book.”
Bell, Book & Candle

After building a coffee empire in the Amazon Valley, Jason Sinclair asks his cousin in New Orleans to find a bride for him and marry her by proxy. What he wants is a young, innocent bride who will give him the heir he desires and otherwise stay out of his way. What he gets is Caroline Marshall Sinclair, a young widow who wants to be more a part of Jason's life than he ever imagined. When this irresistible force (Caroline) meets this immovable object (Jason), nothing will ever be the same from this day forward.

“...a beautiful story with strong, compelling characters... I recommend this to all who believe in true love winning out.” THE TIME MACHINE


Deborah Cox
Deborah Cox has seldon been without a writing pad and a pencil or pen in hand. From the time she knew what words were she has wanted to be a writer. Torn between her two loves, Lit More...
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