A Single Mother, A Few Perspectives......And anyone else that is a Single Parent

Are you looking for a single parent guide written by an author who understand and shares your experience? Are you a single mother by choice? Are you looking for single mother assistance or single mother help? Would you like to learn about single motherhood? Does it seem difficult being a single parent in general? If you are able to answer yes to any of the above questions regarding single parenthood then "A Single Mother, A Few Perspectives...And anyone else that is a Single Parent" is the book for you. This incredible self-help book uses valuable strategies to assist single parents in maximizing their time, energy, and resources so they can make the most of their lives for themselves and their children.


mary jones
Mary Elizabeth Jones used her experience in overcoming the adversity of single motherhood or being a single parent to look at the positives in the experience and share them with ot More...