You Are to Decide.., But Death And Rising Are Through Human Flesh
   In the book the authors describe events of six days from the life of their hero. Like those happened in reality, these events have “swept” with ill fate past life of him and many others who appeared in whirl of violence acts planned by the evil force, striving for the mankind total enslavement.
   The authors sometimes take their hero away from the cruel murders investigated by him. Let him “share” with readers his present and future views of the world. And he does this extremely frankly, testifying that futurities are cocksure, but who knows his own destiny? Explaining that a man highlights himself in the outworld. By asking — does the World need this?
   For harmonization the narration is supplemented with verses. They enhance reader’s sensation. At the same time reveal both human vices and high moral qualities of human characters. 


The Story Behind This Book
Poem extracted from the book: Supreme ambitions should go away, Smattering should be beaten, Kindness will save the day, Defend us from evil being eaten. Kindness will save the world From callousness and hatred, From lies, conceit and cold, And make us be sacred. Let this dream come true — Everyone will be awaken, Happiness will ensue, Love won’t be forsaken. People will have more trust, Frankness and generosity, There won’t be any lust, Cruelty and ferocity. You’ll be inspired by faith, Hope will be always near, And a magic enlightenment Will save the world from fear.


Claire Glowen
A co-author of the fantastic thriller "You Are to Decide.., But Death And Rising Are Through Human Flesh".