Sarah's Shadows
Publisher : Imaginary Friend Publishing


Sarah can’t believe she’s dead. But apparently she is, because no one can see or hear her—at least not until her dead brother Jesse shows up! Jesse explains the mission: to save their father, who’s stuck in this ominous Shadow Land between life and death—a strange world full of monsters, and demons. But Jesse has broken the rules to meet Sarah here, and the demons are sticklers for rules. Now they want their due—Jesse and Sarah.

A twisted Wizard of Oz meets a sinister afterlife, in a new kind of coming-of-age adventure. Here, the Dark side disguises itself as the Light, and a Fallen Angel falls for Sarah. Supernatural Romantic Suspense at its finest.



The Story Behind This Book
I had recently lost my own family members and wanted to explore all our fears and possibly our misconceptions about the afterlife, and what we might go through on the other side.

Praise and Reviews

I sat down to start the book today and read it all in one sitting. It was awesome. Sarah,

The author of this book described it to me as "a little different than the usual vampires and werewolves." & that is true, in the best way possible.  I love books that make me think about the story and characters when I'm not reading about them and this is one of those books for me. Stephanie F.



Debra Robinson/D.L. Robinson
Debra Robinson is an author and professional musician. Three years in a haunted house at a young age started Debra on her quest to understand the paranormal, leading to extensive s More...