This coming-of-age fantasy introduces Obsidian White, a young girl of mysterious lineage who always knew she was different, but could not figure out why until she stood face to face with her destiny. Discover a vivid world of fantasy where a sylvan grove inhabited by pixies, fairies, and unicorns is just the starting point for a life-changing adventure set admist a gritty, urban cityscape of rental flats, packed nightclubs and vampire-infested streets. 'Obsidian White Shades of Violet', part of the 'White Light Chronicles', follows a journey of self-discovery for Obsidian, a seventeen-year-old girl who unexpectedly winds up on a mission to find her estranged father and perhaps save the world in the process.


About RJ Truman
RJ Truman
Rachel Truman, author of the 'White Light Chronicles' aims to take you on a ride through a land full of mysterious and magical beings. Out now in the UK and N More...