Dangerous Waters - The Guernsey Novels Book1

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers

By Anne Allen

Publisher : Sarnia Press

ABOUT Anne Allen

Anne Allen
I live in Devon, by my beloved sea. I have three grown-up children and my daughter and two grandchildren live nearby. I was born in Rugby, to an English mother and Welsh father. As a result I spent many summers with my Welsh grandparents in Anglesey and learnt to love the sea.  My restles More...


Tragedy seems to follows Jeanne Le Page around ...

Can she really go through it again and survive?

Jeanne Le Page is lucky to be alive … 15 years ago she was almost killed in a boating accident which brought heart-breaking family tragedy.  Now 31, Jeanne is returning reluctantly to the Island of Guernsey following the death of her beloved Grandmother.  Struggling for breath as the ferry nears the Island, Jeanne feels a dark foreboding overwhelm her as hazy memories of that terrible day resurface.

Only back on the Island to sell her inheritance - her Grandmother’s old cottage - she has no intention of sticking around to pick up her old life.  But the cottage holds a secret, dating back to World War II, and Jeanne becomes drawn into discovering more. Then, shortly after her arrival, a chance meeting with an old teenage crush leads her to thoughts of love.

Jeanne is forced to face her demons, reliving the tragedy as her lost memory returns.

The truth is finally revealed, endangering Jeanne’s life for a second time…


Dangerous Waters is a contemporary story of love and loss that captures the reader’s imagination, written in a style compared to that of Maeve Binchy.

Dangerous Waters is set on the beautiful island of Guernsey and is best described as a romantic mystery. The story covers love, loss and the tragedy that has befallen the central character, Jeanne Le Page. My inspiration came from having just read a book about another small island near France. It had echoes with Guernsey, where I had lived for many happy years and which still occupies a large part of my heart. In fact, I managed to leave a son behind in order to provide a valid reason for frequent returns! I felt comfortable with basing my story there as I knew the island – and some of its history – so well. The Occupation still has a significant impact on modern-day Guernsey and I wanted to make reference to that awful time even though the thrust of the story is set in the present day. My other major inspiration was basing the story around a house – an old cottage possessing a secret- the renovation of which mirrored the changes taking place in my protagonist Jeanne. She starts off feeling completely lost but grows into a young woman who has learnt to live and love again, letting the island work its magic . . . .

"The island of Guernsey is so vividly evoked one feels as if one is walking its byways. An atmospheric and tantalising read as the vulnerable Jeanne uncovers the mystery of her family's long buried secrets."

Elizabeth Bailey, author of 'The Gilded Shroud'


This is a wonderful book, filled with family secrets, love and friendship, intrigue and danger and a dollop of good old fashioned romance! I also enjoyed the references to Guernsey and its history and feel like I walked the streets with Jeanne enjoying the sights and the sea.

I am so glad I had no plans for this lazy Sunday as I was perfectly content to read this whole book from start to finish, and now that it’s come to an end I’m going to miss Jeanne, Molly, Peter and the lovely Nick.

If you’re looking for a summer vacation read then you really can’t go wrong with Anne’s debut novel. I look forward to seeing what she conjures up next. *****Claire Swindlehurst

By Belladonnas Book Corner (townsville, 04, Australia) · ★★★★☆ · September 04, 2012

What can I say apart from great reading! While this book isn’t the type of genre I have read of late, it was a refreshingly good old romance. Throw in a bit of drama, mystery and heartbreak along the way and Anne has successfully glued me to the pages.