Carlo the Mouse on Vacation
Publisher : Xlibris

A funny story, full of the adventures and troubles of Carlo the mouse, who lives a simple life in a Florida hospital but always dreams of greater things. In this vibrant picture book, a daring mouse takes center stage in an adventure even bigger than his appetite. Carlo has never been outside the four walls of his home and he has one unfulfilled wish—a vacation. In a twist of fate, he unexpectedly finds himself embarking on his adventures and misadventures by accidentally landing inside an open car trunk, catching the wrong bus, and boarding an airplane that takes him halfway around the world to Paris. The shrewd Carlo finds a way to survive the most unusual situations while dodging—or causing—mayhem along the way, touching readers' hearts and making them laugh.


The Story Behind This Book
HOW THE STORY OF CARLO THE MOUSE FELL INTO MY LAP Authors are often advised to write about what they know best. I usually follow that rule and write about stories that are close to my heart. The story I am about to tell you, however, fell in my lap unexpectedly. To be accurate, it fell into the trunk of our car. It was a sunny day when my husband and I visited my father in a Florida hospital. Leaving the hospital, my husband pulled his car in front of the entrance and started packing our belongings in the trunk. While I waited, I stood on the sidewalk and, shading my eyes with my palm, looked out at the coast, which was bathed in brilliant light. The sun was bright and intense, shedding dazzling sunbeams on sparkling water. Caught in the net of the teasing sunrays, the waves lapping on the shore gleamed with unusual colors. Covered with crystal sparkles, a beautiful rainbow arched above the nearby bridge. From afar, it looked as if it were trapped under heavy layers of water. Amazed at the beautiful view, I lifted my eyes to the cloudless sky. Suddenly, a little mouse slid down the canopy that covered the hospital entrance and fell inside our car trunk. Stunned, I closed my mouth with my hand. My husband looked at me in disbelief. Before we knew it, the unwelcome guest had disappeared between our luggage. Laughing, I could hardly believe my good luck. A story about a hospital mouse was unfolding in front of my eyes. At first, we tried to scare the little intruder out by making noise and moving the luggage, but the sneaky mouse disappeared without a trace. Upset, Mr. D, who is highly allergic to any hairy creature, opened all the car doors and unpacked the trunk. Watching him, I saw an opportunity for a story. At that time, I did not know much about the life of mice and had no idea why they would choose a hospital as their home. The concept of a story about a tiny adventurer immediately came to mind. A hospital mouse had decided to go on vacation! With no other choice, we drove back to New Jersey with the mouse in our trunk. Watching my husband traveling for eighteen hours with a mouse inside our car is another story. Someday I will make a comic book about a shrewd mouse and the annoyed Mr. D. Though we laughed all the way home, my husband also jumped at the slightest noise. Besides being allergic to animal hair, my husband was also apparently scared of mice. Sneezing nonstop, he finally made it home. As he parked in the garage, he opened the trunk and left our car and its hidden occupant to the cat. I felt bad for the little mouse, whom I had already named Carlo. In my mind, the Florida mouse resembled one of our friends, who was born in the same hospital our little guest came from. He later married a beautiful red-haired wife and has three red-haired daughters. What a beautiful family of mice, I thought. I could not sleep that night. The story about a Florida mouse stuck in my mind. In the morning, we carefully opened the garage door. Afraid of the mouse, my husband armed himself with a broom, but I stopped him from entering the garage. I wanted to see our little guest alive. I quietly walked to the garage door and looked inside through the narrow window. To my surprise, Carlo was sitting on the edge of the car trunk staring at our cat, Nyda, who was lying on top of the car. They appeared to be having a pleasant conversation. I quietly walked away. Cooking dinner in the kitchen, I glanced outside through the window. The cat was leaving the garage. Shortly afterwards, Mr. D. walked by the window with a broom in his hands. I wanted to stop him and quickly opened the garage door. Carlo the mouse was sitting on the doorstep, as if he were waiting for me to let him into the kitchen. Scared, I slammed the door and ran to the window. Carlo left the garage in a hurry and ran toward the lake. What happened next was pure imagination. In the next few days, I wrote the story “Carlo the Mouse on Vacation” and let my husband read it. As he did, he laughed and insisted that I publish it. After I published “Carlo the Mouse on Vacation,” some readers wanted to know what type of life Carlo lived in the hospital before he fell into our trunk. I thought about it for a while, and then decided to go back in time and write another six funny stories about Carlo’s life inside the hospital walls. I then connected them to the existing book, “Carlo the Mouse on Vacation.” In addition, I included an extra story about how Carlo met his favorite cook, “Bam.” In December, this project will move to the illustration stage in the publishing process. It will take a year to publish the first four books. I am very excited about this project and can’t wait to introduce you to the mischievous Carlo the mouse as a baby and a teen. The manuscripts are ready, and I am now working on the next few books about Carlo the Mouse in Paris. Many of you who read “Carlo the Mouse on Vacation” remember that the story ended with Carlo trapped inside a pizza box, which was handed to a man in black. Here is a sneak peek for you: The next few books will take place on the streets of Paris and will be very intriguing. Spies … betrayal … and a war between international mice… Mr. D. and Carlo will never get along. I am dying to tell you more, but this is as much as I am allowed to reveal. I hope you understand. Please follow Carlo the Mouse on Twitter at @carlothemouse and you will discover more.

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Praise and Reviews

"A delightful bit of whimsy, written with humor, innocence, and a lively sense of the fun of adventure. The grandchildren loved it!"

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