The Game of Life
Publisher : YouWriteon
All life is a joke, but few jokes are funny.  All life is a game but few games are fair.
Life can start at any age but old debts can come back to haunt.
Weak government, an ineffectual but brutal police force, social service workers more concerned with rules and salaries than the kids they should care for?  Nothing changes then.
Whatever we do, or don't do: there is a price for everything
It is better to die in expectation of life, than to live in expectation of death.
On her seventieth birthday Jeanie Eyre gets the chance to come back to life.


Dominic Fahr
Started writing nx years ago as the chronicler (spin doctor) for a mercenary unit.  Graduated to being an international tax attorney (real creative writing) and now... I just writ More...
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