In 1972 an officer in U.S. the Air Force hitchhiked around the world and came back a conscientious objector. This is his true story.

“When I left on my journey I wasn't sure if I was an intrepid explorer or just another fugitive from justice. I had no idea I would end up meeting John Lennon, hitchhiking through The Iron Curtain, . . . nearly dying in a storm at sea, smoking opium in Iran, finding my soul in the music of Afghanistan, smuggling turquoise over the Khyber Pass into Pakistan and nearly dying from dysentery and the dagger of my Argentinian lover in India.”

— from the Preface


Mark Paul Smith
Mark Paul Smith has been a trial attorney for 31 years. After returning from his life changing hitchhike, he became a newspaper reporter for four years and then played in a rock ba More...
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