A Woman's Heart Attack: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You: What Every Women Needs to Know to Prevent, Recover, and Heal from a Heart Attack

Dr. Dori Naerbo has a personal reason for concern about the female heart. After three consecutive heart attacks, she was numb, depressed and paralyzed with fear as a fourth heart attack loomed like a thundercloud over head. Her doctors were puzzled since they could not determine the cause, nor could they give a prognosis. Naerbo knew that she had to take charge to prevent the next attack. Out of this healing journey she wrote an inspirational and motivating story, "A Women's Heart Attack: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You", sharing her step-by-step process, supported by science and research focused on three important areas (body, mind and spirit).

As an autologous stem cell consultant and advocate, she has spoken to thousands of cardiac patients and gleaned important information, together, with her first-hand experiences, and clinical research she provides you with insights about healing your heart. This book is for all women or anyone concerned about a special woman-a partner, wife, sister, mother, aunt, grandmother, cousin, friend, or colleague.

Most important, you will learn how Dr. Dori completely healed herself and transformed her life. She explains these factors in detail to empower you toward your own good health and much more. There is life after a heart attack regardless of gender. Women, you do have the power to heal yourself. Read A Woman's Heart Attack: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You to find out how.


Dori Naerbo
I have a personal interest in heart attacks, because I am three time heart attack survivor at 47 years old, with clear coronaries. When, I had the attacks the cardiologists had More...