City of Secrets ( Part two of the Saskia Trilogy)
Publisher : Synerg E Books

Sarajane finds herself in the middle of a war… a war over her. While in the City of Secrets, she must learn to use her powers that God gave her to defeat a fallen angel, who wants nothing more than to walk on earth. But will she stop Lucian, the fallen angel in time…even with Tristan and Carew at her side?


The Story Behind This Book
City of Secrets is Part two of the Saskia Trilogy, following after Eden Forest Part one of the Saskia Trilogy.

Praise and Reviews
Were back on the adventure with Sarajane. The book opens up with Sarajane and her boyfriend (kind of), and her friends traveling to meet her father. Tristan is trying to train her and get her ready for what is ahead, but nothing can really prepare her for what is to come.

Join Sarajane and her friends on yet another fantastic adventure. Battles, subterfuge, hard core training and an amazing load of twists and turns come together in a fantastic second installment for this trilogy. The author created a brilliant setting once again – in a world that would amaze anyone with even the greatest imagination. Once again I find myself absolutely in love with the characters. I am astounded by what Sarajane can handle for someone who really wasn’t prepared for this life at all. I did however get a little ticked off with Tristan on more then one occasion.

I loved the book, I loved the cover and I continue loving the series.


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