Vegan Glass Jar Goodies
Publisher : Lizz Clements

Sometimes, the best gift a person can give is one that's made at home with love and tenderness in mind. In food blogger Lizz Clements's second book, Vegan Glass Jar Goodies, readers will learn how to make what the author refers to as "Glass Jar Goodies." These layered mixes are packaged in glass mason jars and are decorated with care to make beautiful gifts for any occasion. 

Clements was a part of New England's premier gifts in a jar company, Glass Jar Goodies, when her family purchased it in 2002. Under the direction of her mother, Carolyn, she learned how to make delicious gift mixes and has since developed recipes for her own. The best part? Clements's mixes are not only delicious but are also VEGAN. 
The recipes included are: 
Lentil & Barley Stew 
Tea Party In A Jar 
Vegan Hot Cocoa Mix 
Fairy Lemonade 
Hospitality Cookies 
Vegan Split Pea Soup 
Christmastime Sugar Cookies 
Best-Ever Banana Bread 
Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookie and 
Homemade Doggie Bones


Lizz Clements
Lizz Clements is a vegan food blogger and eBook author. She recently published Vegan Glass Jar Goodies, a collection of 10 recipes with instructions and tips on how to make vegan g More...
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