Peace vs War


After fighting in the Rebellion to save the Half-Elven from genocide, Lady Renna avoids conflict. But Lord Gorsfeld, her neighbor covets her lands. When she rejects his suit, his mercenaries attack her villages.


Duty demands she defend her people. Can she find a way to strike back at Gorsfeld on her own terms?



The Story Behind This Book
Renna was a cranky old lady in "Taking Vengeance". Four hundred years before, she was a veteran of the Rebellion but unsure of herself.

Praise and Reviews
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I have to admit that Troublesome Neighbours is one of the best adventures i've read in a long time. The plot moves at a good, steady pace and the action scenes are great. The author also does a great job in character development that I can't go into, cause that would spoil the joy of reading the novel. This story is definitely worth the read.
I would recomend this to those who loves a good adventure, as you'll be transfored to a magical world or heroes and elv


M. K. Theodoratus
Snarly elves are my specialty. My scattered reviews consider, my take on elves different, even though conflict over magic is a cornerstone of their existence. The general tone of t More...