No Sorrow Like Separation
Publisher : MajorTransform Unlimited

Book Five of "The Commander"

Carol Hancock, wife, mother, pillar of the community and faithful member of her church, never expected to contract Transform Sickness.  Certainly, she never expected to make that rarest of transformations, the female predator transformation, and become an Arm.  Initially captured by the authorities, she escaped and served an apprenticeship under an older Arm, Stacy Keaton.  After she graduated from her training, she took the city of Chicago as her territory, and held Chicago until a secretive Major Transform, Wandering Shade, betrayed Carol to the authorities.  Carol’s friends rescued her, but only after she fell into juice withdrawal, which greatly damaged her.

Cared for now by Keaton and a male Major Transform by the name of Gilgamesh, Carol must recover her mind, her abilities and her sanity, as well as regain her place as a powerful and influential Major Transform.  She will face unexpected dangers, confront new opponents, and gain new friends as she recovers…and more.


(Although this is the fifth book of “The Commander” series, new readers can also begin with this novel, if they wish.)

The Story Behind This Book
Book Five of "The Commander"


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