Violet and the Missing Puppy
Publisher : Create Space

When her friends lose their puppy after only one week, eleven-year-old Violet thinks they're irresponsible. She judges them and talks about them behind their backs. But as time goes by, she realizes the puppy is in real trouble. Can she put her feelings aside and help find Snowball before time runs out?

The Story Behind This Book
The Violet Series of books are written by an eight-year-old, an eleven-year-old, and a grandma. Oddly enough, the main characters are an eight-year-old, an eleven-year-old, and a grandma. The books are fun for girls 6-12 or anyone else who wants a good laugh. Roxanne Smolen, Aurora Smolen, and Persephone Smolen make up the writing team of R.A.P. Smolen. They write with love, laughter, and lollipops, and enjoy brainstorming sessions every Sunday. Look for another of Violet's adventures coming soon.


Roxanne Smolen
Roxanne Smolen is a leading professional in the writing industry. She’s a sought-after writing instructor and editor whose tireless efforts help other authors reach their dreams  More...