The Ritual
Publisher : Kindle Edition
A mother and daughter travel from Ohio to a leafy English town to aid a harassed family member persecuted by angry locals.

Only one of them is happy about it and the other…well, when she’s not happy, there’s Hell to pay.

At the airport, the duo are spotted by a cleric of an ancient Church, who is convinced one of them is the prophesied reincarnation of the seventeenth century witch who founded their organisation.

Stalked, harassed, monitored, the subject of demonic attack and bizarre phenomena, one of them is finally chosen and taken. In the shadow of evil, the other faces a fight to the death to stop a terrifying Ritual from destroying her loved one, and the sleepy town of Wheatley Fields itself.

Mark Barry
Mark Barry has been a writer since childhood. Later, fifteen years passed writing bids (downloading a record £20m in funding) before the inevitable mid-life soul-search. Result?  More...
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