Life Interrupted: Grief Recovery Guide and Workbook
Publisher : Createspace LLC
Whether our loss involves a person, a lifestyle, or a career, the process of grieving and healing is similar.
Life Interrupted is an interactive book that contains helpful guidelines, prompts and inspirational quotes. Each page is filled with beautiful images of natural settings and contains adequate space for the reader to write down thoughts and feelings. The farewell page is followed by a section encouraging the reader to live in the present, discover their passion and plan for the future. The last section contains a chapter with suggestions on how to help friends and family including children deal with their loss.

The Story Behind This Book
The inspiration for the book came from the author's personal experience with loss and healing due to the multiple deaths of family members. It's the author's desire that her pain, struggles, setbacks and eventual triumphs will provide hope and encouragement for those who are taking their first steps toward healing.

Praise and Reviews

Book Review By:

+Dr. David & Lisa Frisbie

The Center for Marriage and Family Studies


“Everyone processes grief differently. Sometimes it may feel as if you're "stuck" in a phase or a stage… this book can help you understand what you're experiencing, plus show you some practical, helpful next steps. Excellent for anyone in a "Celebrate Recovery" program, or anyone who has experienced grief, loss, or crisis.”


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