A Blood Red Moon
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Enda ap Carrigan has been a midwife, doctor and hedge witch to the small town of South Bede for more years than she cares to remember.

Enda has spent a lot of time shielding the humans from anything that is likely to upset them and would like it to stay that way, she really likes her peaceful life.

Its not easy when the Fae that live in the forests surrounding South Bede are at war after an uneasy peace of over a thousand years.

A baby has just been born to the son of the Fae King's oldest son, a half fae, half flower fae hybrid that is going to be nothing but trouble for everyone.

Worst of all, the elvish tarot cards have predicted that werewolves are coming for the child.

Her only ally is an old, unpredictable vampire who has his own agenda that could affect not only Enda but the whole human world.


Ninette Kelly
A writer with many hats none of which fit properly... Short, red haired and pale, sitting on a mountain of skulls picking at my fangs. "With a pack of fags and a cup of tea, More...
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