Publisher : Whistling Shade Press
Come on inside the Tinker's Dam, a Welsh country pub run (with a little luck and a dash of panache) by Irish proprietor Gerry Culhane. Whether the topic is rugby, singing coal miners, or Margo the barmaid's current boyfriend, there's always something afoot at the The Dam.

The Story Behind This Book
In the mid-80s, my wife Jude and I ran a country pub in Wales. We were "manager and manageress," in the slightly archaic lingo of the land. Most of the stories in Tinker's Dam were pulled from actual events, though I deliberately wrote the two of us out of them. We learned one thing for sure: being a publican is a 24/7 job, especially in a village setting. And cultural misunderstandings abound.


Daniel Gabriel
My published work includes a short story collection, TALES FROM THE TINKER'S DAM, a soon-to-be-released novel, TWICE A FALSE MESSIAH, and over 200 stories and articles appearing in More...
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