Another Man's Trousers and Other Tales
Publisher : ETA Publishing House LLP

A wonderful book of short stories set in the North of England and exposing the quirky world behind the doors fo the local charity shop. You will find laughter, tears, intrigue, suspense, love and much more. You will be thoroughly entertained, this world is both interesting and exciting; who knew!

The Story Behind This Book
Quirky and unexpected real life events behind the scenes of the Charity Shop world. Drawn from the experiences of the author who has spent over 12 years working as a manager in the retail environment. Intrigue, love, mystery, horror and more!

Praise and Reviews

“Sit down, put your feet up, relax and enjoy reading Another Man's Trousers as much as I did. I couldn’t put it down.” Richard McCann Sunday Times No1 Bestselling Author of Just a Boy


“A succulent collage of real life events neatly gathered and well delivered.” Matthew London, Key II Life Entertainment, Toronto, Canada


“A humorous and stylishly written book which takes the reader on a journey through the doors of your local charity shop and beyond; it made me laugh, brought a tear to the eye and captivated from start to finish!” Cauline Thomas-Brown, CEO of ETAWMI and Author of Resting in Him


“A wonderful mural of a book filled with interesting, entertaining and often intriguing tales that left me wanting more, a great read. Monica Williams, Avid Reader, Wembley, UK


Sue Whitaker
Sue Whitaker is an exciting talent and the author of the gripping "And Jake Makes Three" childrens adventure book series & the enigmatic and the quirky "...Other More...