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By Richelle Elberg

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ABOUT Richelle Elberg

Richelle Elberg
When I was eight, I told my parents I was going to live in a log cabin in Maine and be an author when I grew up. (I wanted to be Laura Ingalls, but by the ocean.) Somewhere along the way I decided a business degree might pay better, and, having obtained said degree, I spent twenty years wr More...



"An amazing read!"  When an armored truck crashes on a remote mountain pass, three troubled individuals think they've found the answer to all of their problems.  Not quite...

​By the time Special Agent in Charge Lee Sanderson realizes that there is more to the case than a simple robbery, Ashe, Rufie and Denny - AND their children - are in the crosshairs of an international crime boss who has been laundering millions through the Canadian border.

Now Sanderson must save them - and his sexy partner - from a Russian mobster determined to recover his missing money and eliminate anyone who can expose his lucrative operation.

A rollicking, twist-filled plot that will take you from the White Mountains of New Hampshire to the hard streets of Boston, and keep you on the edge of your seat right up to the final page!

"When I finished, I wanted more!"  Amazon Kindle Reader

"From the get-go, this is a gripping page-turner; suspenseful, touching, titillating and humorous, that'll draw you in and keep you riveted. Ms. Elberg knows her subject matter; the inner workings of people's emotions. She has created a plot that all of us can relate to, with subplots that help to build a delightful tension that gives a great read. Go on an adventurous ride through the White Mountains of New Hampshire, with some inner-city drama from the Boston suburbs, a Russian mobster and the question, "what would you do?" all thrown in the mix for an exciting, and touching, ride."

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